Coaches & Clubs

You already recognize the untapped potential of your skaters. You know your skater could look and perform better, but find yourself unsure how to reach the next level in their performance.

Like you, the coaches we have worked with in the past knew they needed a focused, proven and trackable way to transform any skater regardless of age, experience or skill level.

This is Skating Success.

We offer six central Master Classes each aimed at a core element of skating proficiency. Skating Success’s proprietary methodology has put skaters on local, regional, national and Olympic podiums.

Through hosting one of our Master Classes, you will be contributing to student success to help them not only hone and expand their foundational knowledge, but also look and perform their best.

There are four easy steps to forming your ideal Master Class experience for your skaters.


Choose Your Master Class

The Master Classes on offer:

Axel Master Class

SNAP Master Class

Vault Master Class

Spin2Win Master Class

Edges & Turns Master Class

Choreography Master Class

On top of these classes, we also offer our MC Intensive, a 4-day immersion into Skating Success’ teaching philosophy. During MCi, your skaters will learn strategic edge exercises, technical details in jumping consistency, spin fundamentals and creative artistry on ice—all backed by industry-leading video analysis to better support student understanding.


Choose Your Package

For every Master Class, we deliver a program that is both comprehensive and formatted from our experience to give your skaters and coaches the best service.

We create the plan, schedule, content, and production of the event. There are two ways for you to host your Master Class:

Option 1: Full Service Package

In our Full Service option, we provide online registration, process payments, and pay for the ice and off-ice room rental. We work with your club/region (Host) to maximize the success of the Master Class(es) that you book including promotion through social media and our database. The Host is responsible for booking the ice and off-ice space for the agreed-upon date.

Pricing must be supplied to Skating Success as well as the cancellation date from the facility for planning purposes. There is a 25 skater minimum in order to run the Master Class and a maximum number of 40 skaters. Coaches are always invited! All participants, both skaters and coaches, pay the same fee.

Current participant fee is $199.00 + Tax (GST & PST)*

Host fees in Option 1:

  • Travel for instructors to and from venue
    (mileage/flights/car rental if flying)
  • Per Diem $50.00/Day per instructor including travel days
  • Accommodation for instructors onsite at the location of the Master Class(es)

*2020 Pricing – subject to change

Option 2: Premium Package

In our Premium option, your club/region books the Master Class(es) and provides a flat fee for service of $5,000.00 + Tax (GST & PST)* per day. While there is no minimum for skaters, the maximum remains at 40 skaters per day.

We will work with your organization to maximize the success of the Master Class(es) that you book. The host organization is responsible for booking the ice and off-ice rentals on the agreed-upon date as well as notifying us of a cancellation date in advance should the class not run. Rental fees are paid by the organizer.

If a club/region is subsidizing the Master Class, we encourage the organizer to emphasize that the registration value is $200/participant to highlight their contribution. We also encourage the fee for coaches to remain in place even if subsidized along with the skaters

*2020 Pricing – subject to change


Choose Your Date & Secure Your Class

We suggest that you allow for six to eight weeks to plan your date, book the ice, and create the Master Class experience. This allows ample time to secure your rental, market the class, and get ready for your Master Class!

Once you have chosen the Master Class(es) you wish to host, have selected one of our package options, and decided on the date, you will need to book the ice.

We require seven hours of consecutive ice time as well as nine hours in an off-ice space to provide your Master Class. Typically, the off-ice room is booked from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm and the ice is booked from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Skating Success also secures your Master Class booking with a deposit of $1,000.00 per class which is due upon securing your date. Once the event proceeds, this deposit is either put towards the travel expenses if choosing Option 1 or put towards the $5,000.00 day rate in Option 2.

*If the Master Class does not run or is cancelled within two weeks of the chosen class date, the deposit is not refunded. By this point in the process, time and team effort has been put into selling the Master Class and the deposit covers these expenses.


Enjoy Your Master Class Experience!

We truly strive to create a one of a kind skating experience through our dedication to bringing you the BEST format, information, and energy in our delivery of the Master Class Series.

Registration for your class will open 6-8 weeks prior to the chosen date. Throughout the registration process, we communicate with you to help market the class and provide assistance to your team.

Once the numbers are in and the class is finalized, we send a welcome letter to the participants on the week of the class to get them briefed and ready for their learning. Coaches start the day with a coaches-only session and are invited to come in and join the Skating Success Coaches Circle.

With everything in place, we bring our team to you and provide your organization with a full day of techniques, technology, and teamwork to support YOUR Skating Success!

Do not get outscored by the competition. Treat your skaters like the champions they are and host a Master Class today.