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Our Master Classes are guaranteed to transform any skater’s performance. But sometimes you want to gain an even greater competitive advantage. That’s why we offer Next Level innovations to kick up your success more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

Transform Your Body

Learn and implement the proprietary 5 Pillars Program & truly transform your body.  Your fitness for figure skating is essential to your training and your success.  When you learn about the 5 Pillars, you can apply the philosophy to any sessions you do by understanding how these 5 elements of training work together for your best results.

Transform Your Performance

Your art & performance on the ice are completely unique to you.  Creating that specific style intentionally is one of the most key components to your personal Skating Success.  Choreography is now limitless.  With online sessions, you can have personalized creativity from anywhere in the world.  Explore your artistry on a whole new level.  

Transform Your Connection

Finally! A session just for you as a Coach. Ever wish you could connect directly with someone who wants the best for you as a Coach? Mentorship is hard to come by these days… our solution for you is your ‘Coach 2 Coach’ session. Ask your specific questions & get supported now. Book your Session & fast track your Coaching Success!

Transform Your Mindset

Bring your mind + body together.  Your success on the ice is directly related to your mindset.  Whether you’re just starting as a competitive figure skater, been competing for years, or just want to get some help dealing with those pesky performance nerves, Mental Performance Sessions can help you get re-focused on what matters most.  

Olympic Touch

Champion Training & Mental Performance with Steffany Hanlen

Take your Performance to the Next Level

Steffany Hanlen

CEO SkateTech Group of Companies: Proskate. Quantum Speed. Skating Success.

Steffany has a unique and historic career working at the highest level in Sport and Business. No one had ever done ‘it’ before and there were no mentors to show her the way, break trail or make it easy for her.

She was determined at a young age to make a difference and change lives. She just didn’t know how it would look… Steffany was a pioneer in Player Development and now, 30 years later is the founder of several successful businesses, has knowledge, experience and credibility unlike any other coach/entrepreneur that crosses over into other realms of life…sport and business. 

Never having a ‘real job’, Hanlen Consulting Inc was born in 1988 as an idea that athletes of all ages and abilities had the right to the best and most individualized support and programming available. It was the first holistic development program in Edmonton, possibly Canada.

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