Skating Success Skool Classes

Train your body and mind from home with Skating Success™ Skool Online Classes!

Coaches are welcome to ALL sessions.

Programs run weekly Monday – Friday. Classes run for 45min over ZOOM as a LIVE program!

Join us for these special sessions dedicated to motivated figure skaters.

Truly improve your fitness, strength, & flexibility from home.

Sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Jumping: Rotation Work & Landings
  • Fitness: Cardio & Strength
  • Flexibility: Movement & Stretching
  • Balance: Core & Stability
  • Expression: Movement & Dance  

Presented by Skating Success Master Instructors: Ben & Jadene Ferreira

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Class Time:


Canadian Level – Star 4 & Up / USA – Pre-Juvenile & Up


*Registrations will only be accepted with written approval from the skater’s coach.

This class is for:

• Who want to learn, develop, or refine their at home training
• Adding focused time daily for figure skating focused off-ice sessions at home

•  Always welcome to all sessions (email

You will learn:

  • Skating Success training for off-ice jumping
  • How to build consistency with your landing position
  • Creative ways to move your whole body
  • Develop strength through balancing exercises and training
  • Added flexibility for your figure skating body