Axel: Online Master Class Course

Course for Coaches ~ Online Master Class Series

Welcome to The Axel: Your online coaching resource for everything ‘Axel’.  

The Axel is one of the most important jumps in figure skating! 

Whether you are teaching a single, expanding your approach with the double, or stretching into a triple axel – Technique, Delivery & Consistency are all vital to your Coaching Success.

We understand that teaching the Axel can be a frustrating and defeating process… 

This course is designed specifically with you, as the coach, in mind.  

Let us:

  • Simplify the process of teaching the Axel 
  • Share our proprietary step-by-step system
  • Support you in delivering a consistent approach to the Axel 

In under 2 hours, you can complete this entire course!  

Though simple, don’t let this system fool you!  We’ve taught dozens of Master Classes and thousands of hours of lessons refining exactly what will benefit your skaters and the focused path to get there.   

Think of this course as your ‘Axel Resource’: a place to return to again and again for deeper understanding.  We are the BONUS part of your coaching team at the tip of your fingers! 

Simplify your steps, build your coaching confidence, & experience the results. 

Course Designed For:

Hey, Coach! Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’m looking for a simple format to successfully teach Axels
  • I’m a dedicated, life-long learner & want to refine my Axel teaching approach
  • I’m a new coach who needs encouragement and a great start teaching Axels
  • I’m searching for extra support & an Axel coaching team at their finger tips
  • I just don’t know where to start with teaching the Axel

You will learn:

By investing in this Course, you will have access to:

  1. Our coaching philosophy & how you can adapt your own 
  2. The 6 phases of teaching & developing a consistent Axel 
  3. Step-by-step approach to each phase of development 
  4. How to build the artistry alongside the technical execution of the Axel 
  5. Why we teach the Axel this way and how you can too