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Online Master Class Courses provide you with Coaching Strategies & Systems that are easy to learn, ready to implement, & designed to create incredible results for you & your skaters.
You’re not alone – you now have a Coaching Team.
Get supported & get inspired.  Take your already awesome coaching to the NEXT LEVEL with each Online Master Class Course.  

Axel Online Course

The Axel is one of the most important jumps in figure skating! Whether you are teaching a single, expanding your approach with the double, or stretching into a triple axel – Technique, Delivery & Consistency are all vital to your Coaching Success. Use this Course for our simple, yet effective, step-by-step process for teaching amazing and consistent Axels!

Edges + Turns Course

Great edges + turns are foundational to all skating success. Learn to engage the skater with innovative and unique exercises. Use our revolutionary way of teaching three turns, brackets, rockers, & counters with the Family of Turns. Prepare your skaters for skating success with strong Edges + Turns.

Spin2Win Online Course

Spinning is essential for today’s well-rounded skater - but coaching great spins can be a challenge! A strong spin plan will greatly help your overall coaching results. Learn quick, effective ways to develop excellent spins & build this vital part of skating with style and consistency.

SNAP Online Course

The SNAP jumping system for Loop, Salchow, & Toe-Loop jumps is our step-by-step process to teach and refine these jumps from single to quad. Streamline your coaching success and integrate the SNAP jumps with this 3 in 1 technique.

Choreography Course

Understand the theory behind creating great routines at any level of the game. Program Components are vital to the success of skaters in today’s events. By using our philosophy & process of artistic development, you will enhance your approach to choreography and have way more fun creating it.

Vault Online Course

Consider this Course your resource to teach the Vaulting Jumps: Flip & Lutz. Quality jumps are essential in today’s skating environment. Join us to experience the Skating Success™ Vault method and the incredible difference that having this 1 approach can make for your skaters.

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Coach Great Figure Skating

Becoming a great coach is about the willingness to be a perpetual student. To keep asking questions, refine what you know, and seek the best in yourself. We know you can do this.  The Online Coaching Course Series is here.  Including our BEST information on Coaching Technique, Philosophy, & Delivery – each Course is packaged in a simple format that you can refer to again and again on your coaching quest for Skating Success!